What is a MicroCredit?

More than half of the world's population is excluded from the formal credit system, since it cannot offer guarantees. “Microcredit” was born based on the needs and demands of this population, extending small loans to the people without surety or collateral. It is based on "mutual trust" and "personal relationship." 

The Microcredit is based on the premise that these people have some innate abilities that are hidden or are underused. Giving them the opportunity to develop these skills is the main goal of microcredit. 

Microcredit brings financial services closer to the community, following the principle that people should not go to the bank, but the bank to the people. Microcredit is not only the access to financial services; it gives high priority to human capital formation. It promotes self-esteem through group formation and regular meetings, developing leadership skills and encouraging entrepreneurship. 

Microcredit has created its own methodology, which believes that excluded people have within them a potential entrepreneur. 

To eliminate exclusion from this world, all you have to do is to facilitate the access to each and every one of these people to a well-designed microloans program.


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