Role of Volunteers

Credit Analyst 

Volunteers Cajasol Foundation chosen for their work experience in credit, credit risk, affordability analysis, business feasibility, will be in charge of: 

  • Information on the group loan products. 
  • Analysis of the viability of income generating activity for which the loan is sought and the adequacy of the destination. 
  • Monitor compliance with the payment plan. 


Skill in training on financial education and home economics / micro business. 

Volunteers of the foundation Cajasol are in charge of your Financial Education project that has been launched with its Volunteer Program. 

Facilitator of group dynamics 

Someone from the Social Institutions, Expertise in social intervention and group dynamics in social work, with driving skills groups. Roles: 

  • Manage selection of participants in the PROJECT. 
  • Proposed design of the groups. 
  • Design work plan. 
  • Participation in individual monitoring of users and the group as a whole that they are responsible of.

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