Given the focus, SOCIAL MICRO proposes a methodology based on the following areas: 

  • Using group dynamics. 
  • Non-financial services aimed at obtaining microcredit and improved management of economic activity. 
  • follow up 

Using group dynamics. 

The objective of using this methodology is to foster self-confidence; social, individual and relational skills; mutual trust; development of support networks in a context of shared purpose; and especially the possibility of access to credit, even as part of the monitoring of their financial activity. 

Group dynamics is developed in the context of regular meetings with users. For the application of group dynamics the following will be considered: 

  • The creation of user groups of people with certain characteristics, a common link that facilitates group cohesion. The formation of the group must not attack the problem of social exclusion suffered by each individual concerned. 
  • The use of specific dynamics and in the framework of regular group meeting techniques. The revitalization by professionals specializing in group dynamics. 
  • Promoting generation of leaders and autonomy or empowerment in group functioning. 

Non-financial services aimed at obtaining microcredit and improved management of economic activity 

Non-financial services of MICRO SOCIAL should serve to empower the recipient in obtaining and managing credit and to improve the management of their finances and their economic activities. 

Monitoring the process of users within the group and MICRO SOCIAL. 

With regard to people individually considered, the objective is to assess your situation and evolution, considering possible additional support needs. 

At group level, monitoring and evaluation of its operation, its internal mechanisms, and possible problems arising, will be developed.

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