The focus of this approach consists in conducting a complementary action to the activity of organizations whose mission it is to provide specialized support to the communities suffering from social and financial exclusion. This is the objective of SOCIAL MICRO 

Since SOCIAL MICRO does not attend to all the problems associated with the factors of social exclusion of people, it is necessary that the recipient be or has been attended to by one of the social institutions that participate in this program, specializing in treatment of these exclusion factors. 

In this sense, the focus of the intervention is directed towards the obtention of microcredits. This implies that the application of the SOCIAL MICRO and the development of its activities are directed towards the participants that meet the adequate conditions to gain access to microcredits and other financial services.

Also, SOCIAL MICRO offers specific non-financial services aimed at improving the earning capacity and at managing credit. Hence will be available to the participants the opportunity to acquire, in parallel and when it is required for them, an additional specific group training to enable them to obtain input for better management of their finances and income-generating activity.


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