About Us

The objective of this program is not only to award microcredits, but also to bring the most excluded members of society closer to the financial system, to provide them with other banking products and services, together with other social measures to help them out of the social exclusion they face. 

In this context, the work and collaboration of the Foundation Cajasol and social organizations belonging to the program are an essential part of the development and achievement of the project’s objectives. 

SOCIAL MICROS program has been promoted by the Foundation Cajasol. It is based on the Microcredit Pilot Project for Social Inclusion, which launched the Cajasol Foundation and the ICO Foundation. 

The program has been developed alongside social entities that perform systematic and targeted interventions with people experiencing social exclusion, working on their problems, with capacity to develop a social intervention through group dynamics. 

These social institutions consider that the development of the program fits in with its mission, its vision, and its activities to fulfill its objectives, considering that microcredit adds value to fulfill their social objectives, and, therefore, they are willing to provide all possible resources to do so.


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